Picture Emailer 8.0
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Photo below displays Picture Viewer and Editor w/hotspot tool

8.0 is here! Picture Emailer combines the power of your PC with webspace to provide photo sharing and editing possibilities never available before.

You can open multipage tiffs and share several pages or just a paragraph. Share raw tif's for production work, animated gif files, bitmaps and jpegs, capture and share screen shots, create hotspots on images and much more.

Beyond photo sharing you can use Picture Emailer to e-fax, this allows you to share any number of documents in brilliant color through email without a fax machine. Not only do you retain records of each transfer your recipients can share them without delay or failure using simple email..

Because your images display in email, your message is not just easier to understand and share, your correspondents can add their own comments to each image and share instantly with no upload or additional software.

Picture Emailer not only provides the professional image editing tools that you would expect, it takes you leap years ahead with a hotspot editor tool, simply define content by dragging your cursor over an image and you've created a hotspot, repeat as many times as you like and you've created a lot of hotspots. Click into a hotspot and you get a Maximized preview, swap out the preview image with any photo content- and you view the new image... an image of a house can provide selective windows that provide interior views and much more. What's amazing is that you can create a panorama in minutes and then after a short uploading process your completed pictorial is ready to share in email with no upload, delay or failure because the message file size is never greater than it's text.

Security is always a concern, attachments and large files sizes are the most prominent reasons why email is rejected. With Picture Emailer no large files or attachments are used so each message you send always reaches it's destination where your recipient can instantly forward or respond. This is possibly because you choose what size image to display in email and what size maximize preview you may include, Picture Emailer optimizes the images for clarity and color definition, creates the complex html and then loads everything into your personal managed webspace, only then it is linked into the message where it displays with your comments- all in a matter of moments. Now you have the best of both worlds, a URL where you can direct people to in print and an email message that you can share with anyone. automated process

To protect you, a coded copyright is included in the coded body of each message, but you may also place a personal copyright on each image as well as password protection on the entire web instance of each message!

If you use Picture Emailer for business, every message you share can display your custom Header and Footer, an example is provided for you to preview. Your Header and Footer can display company image and include links to additional content. Picture Emailer makes this easy to create and manage, it even loads the images into your personal webspace!

Make your life a little easier and start now- download Picture Emailer and install it on your PC, it's FREE! You only pay for a subscription if you like it.

Want to see how simple this is, watch the Movie.

Select the download button below, after installation the wizard will register your product. You will require an email service with smtp to share photos with this product.

See www.icusoftware.com for additional information

Picture Emailer 8.0 provides the ability to share photos, scans and fax in email without attachments!


The only product for sharing tif, jpg, gif, bmp, fax or scans
for business and fun

Screen Shots


share fax and scans in email with photos and comments

  • share photo's without attachments or restrictions
  • create online instances with passwords for photo protection
  • no load on e-mail servers
  • no overloading e-mail boxes
  • no failures when sending uncompressed large images
  • share multipage tif and gif files
  • share large graphic files as tif or jpeg
  • instant sending and forwarding speeds
  • share comments with your photos
  • provide photo maximize previews
  • save as and e-mail webpages
  • print and share photo's with rich color and formatted text
  • provide photos to online photo printing services
  • fax into email in color
  • works with most digital camera's, scanners and web cams
  • supports jpeg, tif, bmp, gif
  • bulk size and compress images to local files or to webpage
  • load images into the viewer using Windows XP auto load feature
  • export email instances to MS Outlook and Express
  • includes advanced image/html editing controls
  • available views include preview, edit and html source
  • annotate and write on images
  • crop photos
  • photo copyright
  • create desktop and online photo previews
  • create hotspots on tif and jpeg images, providing maximized content previews or other images
  • advanced image compression and sizing wizard
  • upload images to any web address with unique online address names
  • include tables and links in email messages
  • use windows XP Autoload feature to capture photos from cards
  • paste online photo instances into Ebay and other online services
  • Screencapture into email

High Speed Slow Speed
(Cable Connection) (DSL or Modem)

Download the entire product in 1 download

12 MB plus

Manages the installation installing only the required files


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  Use with FlipStart and other small PC devices

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